Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Jake is 3!!!

Okay, Jake turned 3 over a month ago, but so far 2013 has been super busy.  Between working as a contract speech-language pathologist for early intervention, as well as, staying home with the kiddos, life has been a little crazy.  I love it when people say how busy they are...who isn't??? It has been hectic. :)

Anyway, our sweet boy turned 3 in January.  He had a Toy Story themed family party in B'ham.  My sis told me that we have to quit referring to him as "Baby Jake" since he is 3 years old.  I guess I must but old habits die hard.  He has always been known as "Baby Jake" in our family and with our friends. Now check out the pics. of our  "big boy." :)

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