Thursday, August 30, 2012

This Is What We Do During Hurricanes

Seriously, what is more fun than fingerpainting???

Jake even got in on the action. He's not one for messes!

You can tell how much fun Johnny is having with Isaac!
Well, Isaac spared our part of the Gulf Coast.  He just doesn't want to leave.  The kiddos and I have been home since Monday afternoon.  Johnny has been home for the past two days, and he is still here.  The flooding in Mississippi has made it pretty much impossible to arrive safely at work.  We are taking the days at home in stride...sort of. Yesterday, things got pretty desparate so I pulled out my trusty clarinet and entertained the family.  They were thrilled! :)  Johnny practiced his juggling.  The kiddos painted everything not attached to the house, and we stomped around outside in the rain.  I even made everybody watch some of my old AU majorette videos.  Fun times!  Here are some pictures of ways we have entertained ourselves during all of this wind and rain.

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