Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glory Days at Auburn University

This past weekend the whole family went to Auburn for the Homecoming game against Samford.  The football game wasn't as big a deal to me as the alumni band that performed at half-time.  This football season is the 65th anniversary of the Auburn University Majorettes.  I'm just so happy that I was a part of this wonderful group of ladies during my four years in college!!! The current majorettes hosted a dinner for the alumni majorettes on Friday night, and then we all twirled together at the game Saturday. 

My sweet friend, Julie James, twirled with me for three years at Auburn, and we twirled together again on Saturday.  I just wish more of my majorette pals could have made it this year.  I had a wonderful time, and I must say there is nothing like hearing the full band behind you on the field.  Talk about an exhilirating moment!!!

Ava and Jake went to their first official Auburn football game. They did really well in the stands and had a great time. We were lucky that my parents came to the game too.  Enjoy the pictures and WAR EAGLE!!!

This last picture is of one of my favorite people in the world, Ginger E., who took me under her wing when I was a freshman majorette and she was a senior.  We were good friends in college and even better friends now. 

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