Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Times!!!

July has been a fun-filled month of swimming, play dates, and hanging out at home. Ava and Jake have both become water babies. I love the look on Jake's face when he floats in the water with his Puddlejumper (swimmies) on him. His expression is sheer joy.
Jake turned 18 months old this month. He is adding new words to his vocabulary daily. I believe his favorite words are "no" and "mine." I guess you can tell he has an older sister. :)
Ava is busy,busy, busy....way too busy to nap. She loves to complete puzzles, read books, and play with her dolls. Ava is very inquisitive these days and constantly asks me "why" questions about everything under the sun.
Here are some recent pictures of the kiddos. Enjoy!

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