Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bad Weather and Las Vegas

First, I'm very sad about the horrible tornadoes that devasted several portions of Alabama. Luckily, my family and friends are all safe and sound, but so many families have been forever changed. Johnny and I were in Vegas when the weather hit, and we felt so annoyed that the devastation was eclipsed by the royal wedding, at least it felt that way with the national news

Anyway, life goes on, and Alabama is a state in which we help our neighbors. Suddenly, Auburn vs. Alabama seems so silly now. My prayers are with all the people who were affected by last week's viscious weather.

It feels silly to post pictures of Vegas in light of things that have happened. Here they are anyway and please pray for my home state. The road to recovery will last a long time for so many towns and cities.

As for Vegas, we had a great time. We saw Cirque Elvis, the Blue Man Group, and Carlos Santana in concert. We got tickets to the latter for free. It was a good concert even though we aren't huge Santana fans. We also drove to Red Rock Canyon, which we loved. I wouldn't want to live in Vegas but visiting Vegas is so much fun!

By the way, we didn't lose much money. In fact, I won $18.00...exciting moment for me. :)

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