Monday, January 31, 2011

An Unexpected Visit to the Zoo

Ava, Jake, and I were so excited as we left our house this morning. We were meeting some dear friends and their children at the McWane Center. We haven't seen these friends in forever so we were all pumped. Drama happened on I-65 when little A became carsick. I had to pull over at the Galleria and clean her up. I was afraid to take her around the other children, just in case, she was coming down with something. She kept saying that she felt fine, but I just didn't want to chance. calm down an almost three year old, appease a one year old, and keep my sanity, we went to the zoo. It was a fun morning, and I think I salvaged the day for the kiddos.

I felt so adventurous we even went out to lunch just the three of us. Sidenote...what do you do when your almost three year old is going to the potty at a restaurant, and your one year old crawls under the stall and tries to leave? Yes, I dealt with that dilemna too. I'm really tired! :)

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