Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas. My sister and her husband have joked with Johnny and me that Jake is a Nick Fairley in training. It was only fitting that they gave him an Auburn jersey with Fairley's number. :) Also, Santa left a BIG gift in our garage Christmas morning. Ava and Jake now have their very own "jump-a-lene." At least, that's what Ava calls it. They both love to jump on it. Well, Ava jumps, and Jake kinda bounces while sitting.

The big news over Christmas is Jake began walking. Now, that he has figured out walking, he goes everywhere. No more crawling for him! :) The Dorminey household is finished with the holidays and now, we are ready for birthdays. Jake's 1st birthday is Friday, and Ava's 3rd birthday will be in February. Bring on the cake!

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  1. These pictures are AWESOME!! I love it- Happy Birthday to Jake and Ava! Glad Santa was so good :)