Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Zoo

I haven't blogged in a while b/c it is a pain to type with one hand. Yes, I broke my arm last weekend. I fell down my neighbor's stairs while holding Ava. She was fine, but I broke my ulna bone in my left arm. Of course, I'm left handed so this has been quite an issue. Due to my broken arm, I wear ALOT of hats these days. Hopefully, I'll get the cast off the first of November. If it wasn't for Johnny and my parents, we would not being doing well at all. It is so hard to be a mommy of two little ones with only one arm. Nevertheless, we're making it and not letting my broken arm spoil our fun.

Hence, the zoo pictures. :) We went to the zoo Friday and had a wonderful time. Ava's favorite animals were the giraffes and spider monkeys. I'm not sure which animal was Jake's favorite, but I know he took a great nap.


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you broke your arm! I love the picture of Jake cute!

  2. Hi there, hows your arm? I recently fell down two steps in my own home and the swelling went down enough and got the cast yesterday which as you know really sucks! How do you shower,do your hair, and umm just about anything? I am off from work and not doing much besides being depressed,feel free to email me,Amy.