Thursday, June 17, 2010

A New Mode of Transportation

Since we have two in diapers we always have a big, empty diaper box somewhere in the house. Yesterday, Ava wanted to pretend like it was a ship. She colored it purple, her favorite color, and then got in her boat. She loved the idea of putting Jake in the boat. Here are a few pictures of their fun time together. Jake wasn't quite sure what to think. :)
A few more Ava quotes:
"Daddy goes to work...Mommy goes to Target."
"Daddy needs to wash our grass." Ava said this statement when she saw our neighbors sprinklers.
"Mommy, I have issues." She always says this when she can't get her shoes on properly.
We were in the car yesterday, and she heard the song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." As soon as she heard the first few notes of the song, Ava said, "Mommy, this is my song." So true!

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