Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dora...The Rock Star

Okay, I had absolutely no idea how much Ava LOVES Dora the Explorer. I took her to meet "Dora" this morning with one of my neighbors and her little girl. We had to wait in line for almost 40 minutes so Ava could take her picture with Dora. Try explaining to a two year old the concept of waiting to see Dora when she sees her across the room. Yes, it was a lost cause. Ava cried, screamed, and threw herself on the floor while waiting to see Dora. Of course, I got lots of stares by other mothers, but what can I say Ava is passionate about Dora. :) It was a LONG wait for both of us, but finally we had our turn to meet Dora and Boots. Ava had to hug and kiss, as well as, tell Dora how much she loved her. She also got to meet Boots and Backpack as well. I would like to say that I captured a Kodak moment on film, but Ava looks a bit dazed in both pictures. After this episode, we are not going to Disney World anytime soon. I'm too exhausted! :)


  1. Wyatt loves Backpack! I didn't know about this! Where was she?!

  2. That sounds like something Grant would have done....the kicking and screaming part! You'll be surprised how before too long, she'll be your easy one and Jake will be more difficult! Now that Grant's three, we can finally reason with him...but now Drew is 17 months and he's the challenging one!

    What a funny story to remember, cute!

  3. oh my gosh, i never thought about the fact that they can SEE them, but can't GET to them. that would be terrible for a 2-year-old. and you know they think it's mommy's fault. :)