Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ava Quotes

"Daddy is a king, Ava a princess, and Mommy....a horse."

"Basketball my favorite sport."

"This chair cozy... like my blanket."

"Cinderella and Belle best friends"

And here is my favorite quote that she told Jake yesterday:

"You not goo, you Jake" (in response to Jake cooing)

Other Ava facts:
Her favorite color is purple.
Cinderella is HUGE in our household, and she has to dress up like a princess everyday.
She loves to sing songs like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "This Old Man"
Ava has alot of books memorized and likes to read them to herself.
Her favorite cartoon is Dora the Explorer.

I love to watch her learn new things everyday. She is such a blessing!


  1. Mommy is a Horse! Hahaha. So funny!

  2. I love it! Good idea writing it all down! It's so funny to hear what is going on in their little brains :) miss you! love the dress by the way. SO sweet!

  3. these are great: "and mommy - a horse." that made me LOL!