Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Ava!!!

Yesterday Ava turned two years old. We had a Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party for her on Sunday afternoon. Since Jake is only six weeks old, we decided to have a family party. At first, Ava was unsure of the party. She is not a consistent napper, and of course she napped that day. In fact, I had to wake her up to join her party already in full swing.
She loved her strawberry cupcake, which awaken her to the festivities. Johnny and I, with the help of his brother, James, made a DVD of Ava's pictures from her second year set to music. I must admist I get misty eyed when I watch it. The past two years flown by, but I must say they have been the best years of my life. I absolutely adore my precious daughter, and I look forward to sharing many, many more adventures with our Little A. Here are some pictures of our little princess!


  1. Happy Birthday Ava!!!! Wow she is 2, crazy!! I can not believe that Jake is 6 weeks old too... he is growing so much, I can not wait to see those 2 little ones again!!! Miss you guys!

  2. Happy Birthday Ava! She looks so sweet in her birthday dress. I love the Little Tykes Picnic table she got- I am thinking we might need one of those for Wyatt's birthday :)

  3. Love the pics! Jake is getting so big!!! Hope yall are doing well! Miss ya!

  4. what a good looking family! does ava love those plastic high heels? i was a big fan of those when i was little too -- too bad they would always break after about 2 days! maybe she is more gentle on them than i was. :)

    happy birthday, miss ava!